Covid-19 vaccination

Current recommendations of the Austrian “Impfkommission” for Covid-19 vaccines in the autum season 2023:

Booster doses are recommended for everybody above 60 years of age AND for persons with chronic diseases (eg. heart, lungs, kidney, or immunosupression) irrespective of age.

Deciding for or against a vaccine is a very personal thing. We at traveldoc handle the age limit of 60 years rather flexible: if you are frail – yes, if you quote mountainbiking and hiking as your preferred past time – no.

Besides that, of course, as always: everybody who WANTS to booster for personal reasons (a lot of contact with older family members, travel plans, high need for security) can do so of course.

Covid vaccination at traveldoc is free of charge if you have an Austrian insurance. Everybody else needs to pay the vaccination fee of € 20.

The adapted Pfizer vaccine is available as of October 9. Covid vaccinations are only possible on Mondays between 12 and 18 pm. Please book an appointment.