North America

Of course, the USA and Canada are not tropical risk countries. However, the continent is home to some diseases that are not found in Europe. Infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes or ticks are known, especially in rural areas, and most of them cannot be treated. The topic of insect protection can also be important outside the tropics.

In addition, diseases such as dengue fever or Zika imported from tropical destinations can spread climatically in the southern parts of the USA.

Although “harmless” because they are not known to transmit diseases, the tiny stable flies that terrorize Canada and Alaska in some summer months are extremely annoying.

Health care is good, but the price level for medical services and medicines is far higher than ours.

travel time

Every season has something special! Hiking in summer, skiing in winter, countless national parks in spring and autumn. City trips all year round.

The Austrian standard vaccinations should always be up to date. In particular, look for immunity to measles, the US has long defined itself as measles-free, and is sensitive to imported cases. Special travel vaccinations are not required.

Rabies is NOT eradicated in North America, raccoons, skunks, bats and foxes are the reservoir of the disease. Immunoglobulin as emergency care in the event of a bite injury is available in major cities but can be prohibitively expensive.

Most institutions require vaccinations for study visits. Take care of the appropriate forms in good time. Some vaccination schemes consist of 2 partial vaccinations, which must have a defined interval between them – plan for 6 weeks to be on the safe side.

Malaria free

Compilation as for trips in Europe.

Get sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Complete visa formalities on time.

Get the “No Kangaroos in Austria” t-shirt.