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21.01.2022, 15:25
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Influenza vaccinations free of charge (beginning November 04)

tetravalent vaccine: licensed for everybody over 9 months of age

(the live vaccine – applied as nasal spray – indicated for children and adolescents is not available)

We also offer the high dose influenza vaccine (4x higher antigen dose) indicated for elderly and immunosuppressed patients – this vaccine, however, is NOT part of the free programm


Sometimes science isn´t that deadly serious. An episode of science busters about vaccination.


Ursula Hollenstein and Georg Stühlinger are the “Traveldocs”. Travelling is our passion.
We combine our travel experience from many expeditions with medical competence and knowledge, to guarantee your best start into the fantastic world of travelling.

For all Hights and Depths!

We know most countries our clients wish to travel to from our own travel experience and can therefore counsel them profoundly.