map of central Asia with all the countries of this region.

Central Asia

The economic development of the former Soviet republics proceeds very differently. This is associated with a very variable tourist infrastructure.

Hiking and cultural trips are the focus in this part of Asia. Individual travel requires experience, good preparation and a fair amount of flexibility.

A special permit is required for the so-called Pamir Highway in Tajikistan.

travel time

Russia is a summer travel destination. But the country is huge, depending on the planned travel destination you have to adapt it.

Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan: from April/May to September/October

Kyrgyzstan: April to October, for trekking and hiking July, August

Tajikistan and Uzbekistan: April to November, trekking only July to September

For city breaks in Russia (Moscow or St. Petersburg) the standard Austrian vaccinations are sufficient.

In the other countries and on extended trips to the Russian hinterland, a typhoid vaccination makes sense.


Vaccination against rabies should be considered intensively, especially when hiking and trekking. The disease is still widespread, the transport infrastructure is poor and rabies immunoglobulin is non-existent.

Azerbaijan and Georgia: the last cases were reported almost 10 years ago. In Tajikistan most recently in 2014.

Afghanistan: high risk in the eastern border regions with Pakistan, otherwise low risk, above 2500 m no risk of malaria

Due to the very poor medical care in rural areas and especially on hiking trips, the first-aid kit should be well stocked: You should be able to take care of pain, diarrhea and minor injuries (at least temporarily).

Check vaccinations no later than 6 weeks before departure, refresh or supplement them if necessary.

Search through and renew first-aid kit.

Get an overview of the nearest medical care option.