Even if our continent does not harbor any “tropical” disease risks, the native diseases are distributed very unevenly.


A disease familiar to us Austrians, TBE, has a relatively circumscribed distribution area that extends from eastern France, through Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and the Baltic States far into Russia.

meningococcal infections

Historically, meningococcal infections have primarily occurred in Great Britain, Ireland, Greece and France. However, national child immunization programs are increasingly changing this distribution.

In southern Europe, tropical mosquito-borne diseases (dengue, chikungunya, zika) have repeatedly been able to establish themselves in the summer months in recent years. However, they do not survive the winter here. Epidemics therefore only ever arise from those returning from travel who unknowingly bring the virus with them.

travel time

Europe offers opportunities for all seasons. Ski vacations, city and cultural trips, summer hiking vacations, bathing lakes and sea coasts.

security situation

Generally good. When traveling by car, however, it is advisable not to leave any luggage or valuable items such as cameras visible in the car.

National vaccination schedules across Europe are essentially very similar. Our standard vaccinations are a good, sufficient basis for travel within our continent.

The disease was native to Europe until the 19th century. Drainage of swamps, improvement of living conditions and the less than ideal climate for the pathogen have contributed to the disappearance. However, mosquito species capable of transmitting malaria are quite native to Europe. A re-introduction would therefore be conceivable. For a real re-establishment, however, many different factors would have to fail, the probability is VERY low.

With the exception of extensive hiking trips or wild sports activities, you do not have to make any medical preparations in Europe.

If possible, people with pre-existing conditions and chronic health problems that may worsen during a trip should take a doctor’s letter in English with them so that doctors know about it in an emergency.

Drugs may be marketed under different names in different countries in Europe. To be on the safe side, make a note of the ingredients and dosages of your daily medication so that you can recognize preparations that you unexpectedly have to buy on the go by a different name.